Never Back Down

      Aggressive Activism
I have been thinking about this for awhile. And then I realized that our current level of activism is not working. People are not taking action and standing up for the issues, even our support is minimum at best and we are getting nowhere.
When I started UUWS in 2010 we were called United Urban Warrior Society / A.I.M. Black Hills Chapter. Our logo was “Walk Our Talk”, we would say that we would knock on the door three times, each a little harder, than the fourth time, we would knock down the door!..
That’s what I had in mind not this watered down activism you see today. Sitting down in meetings and negotiating! With those you are opposing and making deals! Shit we have been doing that for the last 250 years! It DON’T WORK! Now we have all these self proclaimed feel good activist calling themselves warriors! LMAO! Really what did you do? Are you helping the people? Or just selling T-Shirts…
Look at Canada and South America’s activism…They got it going! UUWS will step up its activism we do not need permission to hold a protest or walk! We do not need permission from the police! We will do what we need to do! And that’s the bottom line!
I want UUWS to move up! We will align ourselves with groups like Anonymous! Now these guys got it going! I like there level of activism. That’s what I want! Not this watered down BS you see around here! We will no longer reach out to these other groups! If they want to stand with us in Unity! Then we will welcome them If they ask us to stand with them we will stand with them!…If they don’t then UUWS will stand alone!...Everyone wants to be an activist but to afraid to step up! Afraid to cross the line! Afraid to go to jail!
You see all these Protest rallies against Washington Redskins! They are quick to say..”It’s a peaceful rally” why even say that? Stand the hell up and be loud and proud! Don’t do it on their terms! If you do then they own you!
Last year they had an Anti Police Rally here in Rapid City, SD. What a joke that was controlled and manipulated by the very police they were rallying against! They even got permission from the police to have the rally! Then came the photo shot of Rapid City police and A.I.M. Members standing together with the A.I.M. Flag! Really? Are you serious? LMAO! Old AIMster’s rolling in their graves! Everyone in town just laughed at them! That very next night the same police shot and killed a young Native man..These watered down activist didn’t even step up afterword’s…WOW! Just like the Vern Traverse march against Rapid City Regional Hospital…That started out really good and was aggressive, but after the Camera’s were gone they never came back! Made all these demands but never followed up on any of them…LMAO! Then when the Police was questioning Chase Lying Eyes and Cody Hall about some of the aggression they blamed me and UUWS! Really? Some AIMsters you guys are… damn Cowards! The AIMsters I know would have never backed off!
Where are these groups today? What are they doing for the people? What are they standing for? All I see is selling T-shirts, soliciting money! They even welcomed the Rainbow People to desecrate our Sacred Black Hills. After the Treaty Council, our Elder leaders and Spiritual leaders said no! Now they are trying to get Obama to make a deal with the tribes over the Black Hills! (Sad thing is the main A.I.M. Leadership didnt even step up and make a statement against these guys! Yet they claimed that they did not! support or agree with them) I call that riding the fence!)
I’m not saying that chasing after the Washington Redskins and some dead piece of shit Catholic Priest is wrong! But we have more important issues in Indian Country to deal with! Hunger, Poverty, Suicide, Heat (Propane), what are you doing for the people? You should be standing to protect the Black Hills not make deals…You should be standing up for our Pipe and spiritual ceremonies & our Spiritual Leaders that are being exploited by Natives and non Natives on and off the reservation. You should be walking these old ways not adapting to Christianity and other foreign beliefs.
Case in point! Check out the history of Lakota Peoples Law Project! Selling T-shirts and asking for donations, it’s founded by some new age white people in California. They claim to help get our children back here in South Dakota. But what have they accomplished, where’s their proof? What do they need to make all this money for if they're not actually representing anyone in ICWA cases? I know they got slapped with a huge fine in court and lost their tax exempt status. They seem like nut job New Ager opportunists. None of these children have been returned and the kidnapping of our children has not stopped. So are they purposely stringing this on to make more money as our children are still suffering at the hands of South Dakota? That should make everyone to go hmm. I know several families that have asked them for help and they couldn’t or wouldn’t help them.
All I’m saying is we have to stop asking and start demanding! Take control of the situation and stop allowing them to control and manipulate us! IF you want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya then you are NOT an activist! Go join the Rainbows!
PS We will be exorcising our treat rights this spring with another fishing trip in the Black Hills.
Definition of an activist
“”An activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social change. When you participate in a march and protesting, you're an activist.
Someone who's actively involved in a protest or a political or social cause can be called an activist. Demonstrations, strikes, and sit-ins are all ways that an activist might work toward the change they believe in. The root word of activist is the Latin actus, "a doing, a driving force, or an impulse." Someone who acts on what they believe is an activist.””
United Urban Warrior Society
~James Swan